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 Poetry Challenge #3
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Posted - 08 Aug 2005 :  22:27:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Trying to resurrect the very active poetry-challenge thingy from the first version of the QLRS Forum.


Write a poem using the following words:






Hsien Min

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Posted - 16 Aug 2005 :  00:26:54  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
First draft, very unpolished, etc., you know the score... besides, your words weren't easy... (resisted the urge to title it 'No Known Friendship'...)

Step Down

"But the greatest of these is charity," he said,
munching his peanuts calmly. Once he finished
his tale of hijacked courtship, how that led
to tense words and taut feelings undiminished
even then with his best friend, and how
he chose to not try them as gold is tried,
I asked him why he hadn't upped the row,
and how intensely that had hurt inside:
"How can you yield a future not yet his?"
He said, "It taps my deepest aquifer
of strength, but it's no more what I prefer
and all to do with love." With emphasis,
he added, "That's my gift to those who know it
not, that they may learn and come to show it."
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Posted - 18 Aug 2005 :  16:16:41  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
In the grand tradition of subverting the original context of the challenge words (and of procrastination from real work) :


Charity: An archaic English form of the Greek word "agape" which means love.

When you mistook my love for charity
I stood agape: the pains I took to court
you, auditions of affection - all a ruse?
You hated peanuts, coffee, tawny port;
loved gold, seafood, argued parity
between the sexes (and then to confuse
the issue, liked your man on top). With dread
I swallowed uncooked oysters for your sake,
donated to AWARE, took charge in bed,
got the taps refitted, ordered tea
(which gave me gas). Honey, give me a break.
Iím the one who deserves sympathy:
Youíre fussy, pushy, not exactly pretty --
loving you takes so much more than pity.

Edited by - alf on 18 Aug 2005 16:28:58
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Hsien Min

49 Posts

Posted - 18 Aug 2005 :  17:24:22  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Goodness. Returning your serve though...

The Misunderstood Lover's Response

I didn't mistake your love for charity.
All that I said was that you weren't giving
As much as you believed. For clarity,
That you had toted up this unforgiving
Account confirms that you have lost the plot.
I meant warmth and attention, and not cold
Covenants - the taps don't matter if we've got
Communication worth its weight in gold.
I meant letting you have your way in bed
And letting you assume you set the pace -
Although yours were the size of peanuts. Face
It, you had gas before green tea. This sort
Of thing questions why I had not instead
Stayed single. Answer: I'll see you in court.
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Posted - 18 Aug 2005 :  22:36:46  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
The Bankrupt Loverís Revenge

Would you drive me to charity and call
it love? Take both my properties and all
my gold - go on. Is that your best attempt?
Peanuts to a player in my league.
And as, my lady, for your new contempt
(so keen were you to call me sweet babboo
last August by the pool..), weíll see just which
of us laughs last, when tabloids get to hear
about your taste for younger men ďto goĒ --
Prank calls, phone-taps, cameras in the loo,
Stalkers on the tennis court. Intrigue.
Dismayed? Contrite? You think itís all for show?
Just so you know, since February this year,
Iíve been sleeping with your sister, bitch.

Edited by - alf on 18 Aug 2005 22:37:15
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Hsien Min

49 Posts

Posted - 19 Aug 2005 :  00:07:45  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
I think we're really exhausting some of the words! :)

The Tabloid Journalist's Report

You know what they say about the link
Between peanuts and monkeys. Now that this
Ex-shipping-magnate has begun to sink
In debt, the scandal with the ex-wife's sis -
The unloved one - has made a laughingstock
Of him. Meanwhile his ex holds court with men
Who are the unreal mix of brain and jock;
Some grip the taps of bank finance just when
He needs them. Then his new gold-digger sees
His beggared state and says she doesn't sleep
For charity. We buzz like journo bees
Around this story, but I must admit
The price that we exact is rather steep:
I've written what you want - take off your kit.

Edited by - Hsien Min on 19 Aug 2005 00:12:37
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92 Posts

Posted - 19 Aug 2005 :  01:46:43  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
And back to the start...


When you run a charity you donít
expect the court of public opinion
to hang you out to dry Ďcause some minion
of the state-owned press stubbornly wonít
play ball. But thank old Roger for now making
the headlines. (With that tart? She's hardly news!)
Sordid peanuts! Preferred, no doubt, to faking.
The media after all does have its use:
Some wealthy poker knocks a mistress up,
the world forgets my budgetary inflation.
My wordís still good as gold; the nation
taps my brains and pockets while I sup
with whoís who nightly. Well, itís a living:
Just donít ask who is taking and who giving.

Edited by - alf on 19 Aug 2005 02:46:00
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