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About QLRS

QLRS (in full, the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore) is the Internet literary journal of Singapore. Our mission is to promote the literary arts in Singapore, to stimulate the feedback mechanisms in the literary scene, and to develop Singaporean writers to international standards. Our standards are therefore high, and our paradigms are the TLSes and LRBs of this world. We believe that good writing can and will emerge in Singapore, and we aim to aid that process by applying rigorous critical and editorial criteria.

To that extent, QLRS is also nonpartisan. In many writing scenes around the world, too much energy is expended in getting into the right cliques. We aim to let quality of writing be the only benchmark. It may of course be argued that ‘quality’ is itself subjective. We gain objectivity by opening submissions to consideration by and across a pool of editors, each of whom has different conceptions of quality.

QLRS is a non-profit volunteer collective. Although its startup financing was through commitments from individuals, advertisement revenue is incidental and aimed at covering operating costs. We are thankful for the time, editorial and resource commitments of our volunteers and sponsor organizations.

Our editorial team currently comprises:

Chief/Poetry: Toh Hsien Min
Short Stories: Yeow Kai Chai
Essays: Stephanie Ye
Criticism: Yong Shu Hoong
Interviews: Yong Shu Hoong, Yeow Kai Chai
Extra Media: Yong Shu Hoong

Our other non-editorial roles are held by:

Technical: Alvin Pang
Facebook: Stephanie Ye

The views and opinions expressed in the journal are entirely those of the respective contributors and must not be construed to be the views and opinions of QLRS, its editors and/or its affiliates.


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