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Privacy Policy

QLRS and its affiliated volunteers consider the confidentiality of your information and your privacy to be important. We are therefore disclosing our privacy practices for your review. These practices may change over time, and you are therefore advised to review this privacy statement periodically if you are a frequent user of the QLRS sites.

Our goal is to become your preferred literary journal in Singapore. To achieve this goal, we may collect some information so as to understand better what you would like to see on QLRS and how we may shape QLRS to be the best it can be.

At present, we collect anonymous data and limited personally identifiable data.

Anonymous data is data that cannot be traced back to specific users. This information is useful because it helps us to improve the user experience of our sites. QLRS collects the visitorís IP address (which cannot be used to track individual users), as well as aggregated traffic statistics. Since our migration to an ASP platform in mid-2004, we deploy per-session cookies as part of the overall software and stored cookies as part of the forum software (e.g. to keep you logged in until you log out) to improve the site functionality. However, it is nonetheless possible to view the site without accepting any of these cookies.

Personally identifiable data is data that tells us who you are Ė for example, your name or email address. We do not collect any personally identifiable data of yours unless you volunteer such information to us (for example, if you send us your name and contact details in an email). If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence. We only collect email addresses so that we may respond to our users, and do not aggregate email addresses of those who communicate with us by email for commercial or other use. You may, however, choose to join our mailing list (either by requesting this or by sending in a submission), in which case you may receive periodic updates about QLRS; these generally come quarterly. All personally identifiable data collected is for the sole and exclusive use of QLRS, including QLRSís affiliated volunteers. By providing QLRS or its affiliated volunteer with your personally identifiable information, you authorize QLRS or its affiliated volunteer to internally share that information with other affiliated volunteers of QLRS. We do not make any personally identifiable information available to third-parties without your prior express consent. For example, if a reader requests to be linked up with another person through the site, we will generally forward the email from the reader to the person he or she is attempting to contact rather than release an email address.

QLRS will take every precaution to ensure the confidentiality and security of all personally identifiable user information volunteered to us.


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